(24-07-2013) Statistics on Mexico's Automotive Industry June 2013

(12-07-2013) Biannual Meeting between ESSA and Mitsubishi Corporation

(11-07-2013) DENSO Invests Approximately $51.4 Million to Expand Silao Mexico Plant

(28-06-2013) Nippon Steel Pipe México started its commercial operation

(24-06-2013) Workshop for Japanese investors

(24-06-2013) Taller para inversionistas japoneses

(28-05-2013) Topy Industries will establish a subsidiary company in Mexico

(22-05-2013) Pacific Alliance Summit Aims to Boost Trade, Integration

(21-05-2013) Farm-Raised Bluefin Tuna from Mexico Increasingly On Japanese Market

(17-05-2013) MOL Logistics Mexico Opens Irapuato Branch

(09-05-13) Mexico Credit Rating Upgraded by Fitch to BBB+

(03-05-2013) Honda to Build New Transmission Plant in Mexico

(22-04-13) The EPA agricultural quotas usage (FY2012)

(19-04-2013) Mexico overpasses Korea and becomes world’s fifth top auto parts producer

(18-04-13) Idemitsu Kosan Established Lubricants Sales Company in Mexico

(17-04-2013) Japan-Mexico Global Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century

(12-04-2013) Bilateral Meeting between Mexico and Japan Ministers of Economy 

(11-04-2013) Reunión bilateral entre Ministros de Economía de México y Japón

(10-04-2013) Japan should deepen strategic ties with Mexico

(10-04-2013) Mexico supports Japan to join the TPP negotiations

(09-04-13) P&F Mexicana, a Mexico Subsidiary of Funai Electric, has received a Sam’s Club Supplier of the Year Award

(09-04-2013) PEMEX and Mitsui signed a MOU for Natural Gas Projects

(04-04-2013) Nippon Express opens Guanajuato Logistics Center in central Mexico

(04-04-2013) Yokohama Rubber Establishes Subsidiary in Mexico

(01-04-2013) The Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ will increase its operations in Mexico

(26-03-2013) Latest edition of our EPA news Vol 31

(25-03-2013) Mitsubishi Electric to Strengthen Services for FA Products in Mexico

(08-02-2013) Statistics on Mexico Automotive Industry in 2013

(08-02-2013) KYB to construct a plant in Mexico

(07-02-2013) JATCO to Invest in Second Manufacturing Plant in Mexico

(06-02-2013) Sanden establishes new company in Mexico

(07-01-2013) Mazda to Increase Production Capacity in Mexico

(17-12-2012) Daifuku to Establish a New Affiliate in Mexico

(13-12-2012)  Hanwa sets up a new steel service center in Mexico

(10-12-2012) The Pacific Alliance

(30-11-2012) Mazda’s New Plant in Mexico to Become Export Base for Global Market

(25-11-2012) The 30th edition of the EPA Newsletter is now available

(22-11-2012) Mexico-Japan Bilateral Trade Statistics September 2012

(08-11-2012) Mazda to Produce Toyota Vehicle at Mexico Plant

(23-10-2012)  Nippon Steel production plan in emerging markets 

(15-10-2012) Unipres announces its new transmission parts plant in Mexico

(12-10-2012) AIAG Forges Alliance with Mexican Automotive Association 

(08-10-2012) Honda plans to shift all production of Fit model from Japan to Mexico in 2014

(04-10-2012) Kasai announces its second production plant in Mexico 

(01-10-2012) Pharmaceutical Workshop

(28-09-2012) Taller para empresas farmaceúticas japonesas

(26-09-2012) Mexican banks, from tequila crisis to sunrise

(24-09-2012) Hitachi Automotive Systems to invest 100 million dollars in a new manufacture plant in Mexico

(07-09-2012) MHI receives full turkney order from CFE 

(30-08-2012) KWE returns to Latin America

(13-08-2012) Nippon Steel signs a joint-venture to produce automotive steel in Mexico

(30-07-2012) Latest edition of our EPA News Vol.29

(17-07-2012) Sojitz invests in a Barite Mine in Mexico

(11-07-2012) Taishi completes acquisition of four Mexican Pharmaceutical companies

(10-07-2012) Nissan begins to construct its third plant in Mexico 

(25-06-2012) The EPA Agricultural Quotas

(19-06-2012) Mexico Backs Japan Joining Pacific Free Trade Deal

(19-06-2012) Mexico to join TPP talks

(19-06-2012) Japanese firm Mitsui Kinzoku to establish a new production and sales Base in Mexico

(19-06-2012) Mazda Begins Training Employees of Mexico Plant in Japan

(15-06-2012) Japan Tobacco want to use Mexico as a model for cultivating its leading brands in other markets.

(15-06-2012)  Statistics on Mexico's Automotive Industry, May 2012

(15-06-2012) Mexico-Japan Bilateral Trade Statistics April 2012

(12-06-2012) Mexico auto production at record high in May

(12-06-2012) Japanese logistics firms expanding In Mexico and Latin America

(05-06-2012) Japanese aerospace companies target the Mexican market.

(01-06-2012) Mexico Offers Y80 Billion in 3 and 5-Year Samurai Bonds

(29-05-2012) Japanese Suppliers Follow Carmakers with Mexican Expansions

(29-05-2012) NEC Casio Mobile to sell smartphones in Mexico and Latin America

(15-05-2012) Terumo plans establishing Mexico as a training hub for Latin America

(15-05-2012) Mexican Motorcycle Market Growth Seen Spurring Investment

(11-05-2012) Mexican Ports tender projects 

(30-04-2012) Concluye la sexta reunión del CMAN México-Japón

(02-04-2012) Samsung C&T, Kogas, Mitsui Start Test Runs At Mexico LNG Terminal

(02-04-2012) Latest edition of our EPA News Vol.28

(30-03-2012) MCO will deliver industrial equipment For Ethylene 

(26-03-2012) Mexico and Brazil reached an agreement over the ACE 55

(12-03-2012) Mitsui participates in a water treatment project through Atlatec

(08-03-2012) SMBC in tech supply pact with PEMEX

(07-03-2012)  Protocolo modificatorio del AAE México-Japón (a partir del 1 abril 2012)

(06-03-2012) Let Mexico in on Trade Agreement

(27-02-2012) Mitsubishi Corporation acquires a Mexican wind farm project, the largest in Latin America

(20-02-2012) Taller para firmas japonesas de autopartes 

(08-02-2012) Akebono Brake to establish a new subsidiary in Mexico 

(02-02-2012) Toshiba wins contract in a Power Plant Project

(30-01-2012) Maruichi Steel tube announces new plant in Mexico

(26-01-2012) Nissan to build its third car manufacturing plant in Mexico.

(18-01-2012) DENSO to build additional manufacturing facility in Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico

(06-12-2011) Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. and Scotiabank Inverlat, Signed a MOU on Business Cooperation in Mexico

(02-12-2011) Spotlight on G-20 as Mexico Takes Over Leadership

(01-12-2011) Robust foreign investment has  Mexico growing at a healthy rate

(16-11-2011) Results of 2011 JETRO Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese Firms in  Latin America

(11-11-2011) Akebono Brake Mulling Mexican Parts Plant

(11-11-2011) Ashimori Industry to Establish New Wholly Owned Subsidiary in Mexico

(31-10-2011) Mexico Extends Tax Breaks For Export  Manufacturers

(06-10-2011) Mitsui subsidiary “Steel Technologies” to construct steel processing plant in the Bajio region in Central Mexico.

(28-09-2011)  Japanese autoparts maker Alpha to build 2nd plant in Mexico

(27-09-2011)  Mexico To Boost Agricultural Exports ToJapan

(26-09-2011) México y Japón firman el Protocolo Modificatorio para el fortalecimiento del AAE

(14-09-2011) Mexican Steel Industry has Strength its presence in the Global Market

(12-09-2011) Mexico Moves Up Competitiveness

(12-09-2011) Highways to see record investment in Mexico

(05-09-2011) Mexican Architect Ricardo Legorreta to Receive the 2011 Praemium Imperiale by the Japan Art Association.

(31-08-201) "Mexico braces for influx of Japanese suppliers" 

(19-08-2011)  Eisai Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of a new pharmaceutical sales subsidiary in Mexico

(13-08-2011) Honda to Build New Automobile Plant in Mexico for Production of Subcompact Vehicles, Starting in 2014

(12-08-2011)  Daiichi Sankyo and Ranbaxy to Expand Hybrid Business Model inMexico

(10-08-2011) Mitsui to Build Steel-Processing Plant in Mexico

(08-08-2011) Mazda to release subcompact model Mazda 2 in Mexico

(28-07-2011)  Resumen de la visita a Japón de la Dra. Lorenza Martínez, Subsecretaria de Industria y Comercio de la Secretaría de Economía.

(28-07-2011) Interview with Lorenza Martinez, Vice Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mexico's Secretary of Economy, during her visit to Tokyo


(13-06-2011) Opinion Poll: Mexican Image of Japan.  By MOFA

(04-06-2011) Mexico and Japan launch Pilot Program to ease patents process in each country

(13-05-2011) Nissan will manufacture Taxis for New York city in Mexico

(13-05-2011) Mexican firm Mexichem to invest in Japan and South Korea

(11-05-2011) Mexico Remains the Top Choice for Manufacturing

(10-05-2011) Nissan Boosts Investment in Mexico

(25-04-2011) Exedy Corp. To Build Transmission Parts Plant In Mexico

(11-04-2011) Impacto de la catástrofe del 11 de marzo en Japón

(06-04-2011) JAMA Comments on Impact of Damage to Fukushima Nuclear Power Station

(31-03-2011) Interview With Itaru Koeda, Chairman of Mexico-Japan Economic Commitee of Nippon Keidanren.

(10-03-2011) Mexico opens bidding process to construction of Lazaro Cardenas Port expansion.